In 2019, Bishop Noel Treanor started a process of discernment and renewal in the Diocese of Down and Connor called Pathways to the Future.   This programme continues with the blessing, support and guidance of Bishop Donal McKeown, Apostolic Administrator.  A Steering Committee of Clergy, Parishioners and Diocesan Staff support the Pathways to the Future programme. The Steering Committee is chaired by Mr Stephen McAnee. The steering committee is supported in their work by a dedicated project manager, Mrs Jackie Kerr.

Over the next few weeks, a period of consultation is taking place across the diocese to reflect on the suggested ‘Families of Parishes’ and the challenges and opportunities that this presents to clergy and parishioners going forward.

To feed your voice into the consultation, click the Pathways to the Future ‘Feedback Form’ tab below which will allow you to provide feedback.

Pastoral Letter – 5th Nov 2023

Pastoral Letter from Bishop Donal McKeown - 5th November 2023


Our 3 key areas of focus

The Steering Committee has established three subgroups to progress three initial priorities for the programme. They are:

Pastoral Care of

Lay Leadership and Ministry

Strategic Planning and Communication